2 de abril de 2011

Chemtrails, who poisoned us?

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin.
Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont.
Entity to dialogue: Ronald Hubbard (founder of Dianetics and Scientology).

Questioner: My first question is addressed to "chemtrails", which as you know there is much speculation about what it is, because while some say they are normal waste airplanes, others say they are chemicals that the military are spreading atmospheric experiments such as bacteriological or directly to weaken the weaker mind control purposes and population control.

Those who claim that something strange is happening in our skies distinguish the chemtrails contrails, which are normal contrails left by aircraft.

The specific question is: Are we being poisoned or all nothing more than an "urban legend"?, To borrow a fashionable term to denote any false news that ends up believing the world as if it were true.

Ron Hubbard: There is a question of using bacteriological contamination of the atmosphere quite dangerous.

Interlocutor: I can not believe it! Are they doing it on purpose?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, of course they are doing it on purpose.

Questioner: Who are you doing? Does Area 51?

Ron Hubbard: Area 51 is involved in some way but not part of the pollution there.

Questioner: I do not understand.

Ron Hubbard: Who is polluting the environment is an alien race breakaway of Area 51. The aliens in this area are not fixed, but come and go, is suddenly part of this place and more are removed and are others. Some of the races that do not retire peacefully, but violently break relations with the authorities of the area.

Questioner: I have understood that the authorities of Area 51 are terrestrial and not extraterrestrial. Is this correct?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, indeed. One of these races is that dissidents are polluting the atmosphere.

Questioner: But what is its purpose?

Ron Hubbard: Straight pollute.

Questioner: How directly pollute? Pollute "no purpose?

Ron Hubbard: The only purpose is to cause trouble.

Questioner: Are we talking about, particularly, vengeance?

Ron Hubbard: That's what we mean.

Questioner: I do not understand is that those involved in the issue speak of land planes, and also military. Ie do not talk about UFOs.

Ron Hubbard: micronaves aliens are coming into the stratosphere, but are not terrestrial but aliens.

Questioner: These ships are similar to our aircraft?

Ron Hubbard: Similar to advanced-design aircraft with delta wings.

Interlocutor: Now I understand the confusion of those who have seen these ships. What are some ways simulate military aircraft?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, because that is the idea of ​​harm they have is that people think they are their own soldiers who are being poisoned.

Questioner: As I have read on the Internet, the military obviously deny that someone is polluting the atmosphere. But the question is if they know the truth.

Ron Hubbard: Of course some people know the truth, but most do not. They are also ships that travel at speeds between 12,000 and 15,000 km / h, which obviously no ground plane can be achieved.

Questioner: I understand. Do these machines have in sustaining a mother ship?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, of course.

Interlocutor: Okay. You at first said that Area 51 was involved in polluters aliens belonged to that area and then became independent.

Ron Hubbard: Right.

Questioner: Are not more in this area at all?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, became independent.

Questioner: What is that stuff that spew pollution?

Ron Hubbard: They have experimented with human bodies and agencies of other alien races and have managed to produce high virus to bacterial pathogens.

Questioner: You also said that the purpose is only to harm.

Ron Hubbard: Right.

Interlocutor: I honestly do not understand.

Ron Hubbard: What do you not understand?

Questioner: That is just to something disturbed.

Ron Hubbard: For them there is no discomfort given the technology we have and the speed of their ships.

Questioner: But what kind of aliens we are talking about, perhaps of monsters?

Ron Hubbard: They are evil aliens directly.

Interlocutor: I confess that I'm pretty confused and still can not assimilate. Where do these aliens?

Ron Hubbard: They come from a star that is about 6 light years from Betelgeuse.

Questioner: And your name?

Ron Hubbard: Novix II. The Novix I was a white dwarf at the moment is a neutron star. Turn a star with the other. They are, as I said, a different one of a 6 light years.

Questioner: And how far is the Earth?

Ron Hubbard: 400 light years.

Interlocutor: What morphology are these aliens?

Ron Hubbard: They are black, very similar in size to Earth, but with the structure of the Greys, or almost no nose, almost no ears, forehead rather large, bald.

Questioner: What about height?

Ron Hubbard: Between 1.60 m to 1.70. They have a very thin texture.

Questioner: How many members of this race are here on the planet?

Ron Hubbard: About 40.

Questioner: How many ships are doing their "work" of contamination?

Ron Hubbard: Four.

Questioner: With only four ships? But if virtually no complaints from all over the world!

Ron Hubbard: You're forgetting the tremendous speed at which they move.

Questioner: You're right, I forgot about that "little" detail.

Ron Hubbard, can cross the Atlantic in an hour and a fraction with those ships.

Questioner: I understand. But now I can not help wondering what the reason is that from the Area 51 does not do anything, because ultimately they are polluting the planet on which they also live. Can not they do anything to persuade them to desist?

Ron Hubbard: No, they can not do anything because those aliens became independent and no longer dependent on Area 51.

Questioner: And by force?

Ron Hubbard: If you use force would cause panic in the population and is likely to turn up. At this time in Area 51 are with two races-called "friends" - who are studying ways to combat those ships without causing panic and without being exposed.

Questioner: What do you mean not to put in evidence?

Ron Hubbard: I mean, are not captured by the radar, because if there was war in heaven, despite the antiquity of these devices with respect to those aliens, as would capture everything.

Questioner: I understand. How about these pollutants enter into battle aliens? I ask because I have to assume that evil may be all you can think of but not stupid in the sense of fighting for something so trivial.

Ron Hubbard: Do not fight, but simply go away. They also have one mother ship to which many can not.

Questioner: So you can not say that we are totally defenseless against these alien jerks. The term came from my soul, as they say.

Ron Hubbard: It's what they really are jerks. What also happens is that from the point of view of the evaluation made by officials of Area 51 the damage is minimal. And they are hoping that eventually tired of what they are doing, as happens to the children with their toys and leave.

Interlocutor: It is not difficult to see the aliens, with the tremendous technology they have, as acting as a primary level. You really are so childish?

Ron Hubbard: As the land!

Interlocutor: It is a very strong example, Maestro!

Ron Hubbard: Think about it and see that I have reason. Is not it just as they do Bush and Bin Laden, to name only two of the most conspicuous idiots now?

Questioner: Yes it's true what you say, but equally difficult to conceive of extraterrestrials acting like children. "Obviously his reactive mind is what drives them?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, and have a tremendous ego.

Questioner: These aliens remind me who are dedicated to producing virus for nothing more than the evil itself.

Ron Hubbard: If you start looking you will find many examples.

Questioner: Yes, unfortunately yes. Does the U.S. government knows the truth? I refer specifically to President Bush.

Ron Hubbard: The U.S. president is not even aware of what will happen after tomorrow. How will you know something?

Questioner: You mean me plainly is a void?

Ron Hubbard: Yes.

Questioner: And the military?

Ron Hubbard: The senior military did know, but only those in contact with Area 51 and therefore know that aliens exist and are here.

Questioner: "The military are not in contact with Area 51, then ignore it?

Ron Hubbard: Yes.

Interlocutor: Here I have before it a report of a magazine called Akashic says that this pollution is false and that it is normal aircraft debris.

Ron Hubbard: What do you respond, if you already know?

Interlocutor: Okay, Maestro, I get it. Turning to what is specifically what they are spreading in the atmosphere?

Ron Hubbard: pathogenic viruses are removed, as I said, from experiments with terrestrial and extraterrestrial. In its laboratories have created new viruses that do not exist in nature.

Questioner: From the human standpoint, what would the damage that is causing this pollution?

Ron Hubbard: The greatest damage are causing in the flora.

Questioner: But perhaps we did not eat vegetables?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, of course, but fortunately injuries in humans are minimal.

Questioner: And when these people attend hospitals affected, what doctors diagnosed?

Ron Hubbard: The doctors speak of "unknown virus". They are so blind!

Questioner: Since how long they are polluting the atmosphere?

Ron Hubbard: Five years.

Interlocutor: Five years?

Ron Hubbard: Sure! For five years, doctors are getting infected with these viruses creatures and bronchopneumonia misdiagnosed and attributed to the toxic waste from tanneries thrown into the rivers and stuff.

Questioner: How is that in Area 51 for five years not found the solution?

Ron Hubbard: It's not that I found the solution, but is faced with the dilemma that any military conflict carries the risk of exposure to known the truth about Area 51. Prioritize remain hidden. They are very selfish and worry about their own affairs without caring too much what happens outside.

Questioner: I understand. Is there a cure for the disorder that causes the virus?

Ron Hubbard: No it has not been studied.

Questioner: Not even at Area 51?

Ron Hubbard: Even at Area 51. I said and I repeat: they are selfish and care only for their petty interests.

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