2 de abril de 2011


Medium: Jorge Olguin.
Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont.
Entity to talk: Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

Questioner: The first question to you, then, is what was actually Atlantis.

Ron Hubbard: Atlantis was a city built on an island. At that time, as there were many writings, the elders of the different regions on wheels council passed the story of Atlantis as alleged legends. Plato caught one of those legends and wrote about it in writing.

Interlocutor: Specifically, then, the Atlantis existed and is not a myth at all.

Ron Hubbard: Yes, and it was an island and not a continent as they say.

Questioner: Where was it located?

Ron Hubbard: I was near the Mediterranean Sea.

Questioner: Is the island would have 11,000 km2, ie, was slightly larger than China?

Ron Hubbard: No, ten times less: 400 or 500 km2.

Interlocutor: What she disappeared?

Ron Hubbard: It was destroyed by exorbitant energy growth caused by a botched investigation.

Questioner: nuclear energy research?

Ron Hubbard: No, research on light energy.

Questioner: Is it sank right away?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, after tremendous cataclysms. The fact that he experimented with light energy caused tremors in the earth's crust, and there were many earthquakes that destroyed the city.

Questioner: How long did it sink, two months, three months?

Ron Hubbard: No, far less. The collapse occurred in a few days because the upheavals that occurred as a result of the investigations were truly gigantic.

Questioner: We are always talking about disasters caused by human factor and no natural disasters that could if any company?

Ron Hubbard: It was only the human factor.

Interlocutor: What date Atlantis disappeared?

Ron Hubbard, about 24,000 years ago.

Questioner: In that time the rest of the planet was uninhabited?

Ron Hubbard: No, absolutely not. There homo sapiens sapiens, although in a primitive state.

Questioner: Was it an advanced civilization?

Ron Hubbard: In some ways, yes. Came to have enormous energy domes that isolated the city from the external climate changes.

Make one more question, because the receptacle is completely destabilized.

Interlocutor: Okay. It is said that some islands, such as the Caribbean, the Canaries and the Azores are remnants emerged from the "continent" of Atlantis or the highest peaks of the same.

Ron Hubbard: Discard it completely. They are close but have no relationship with Atlantis.

Questioner: What about the Bermuda Triangle?

Ron Hubbard: Even less, because it is the other side.

NOTE: The Atlantis was not a continent but an island of approximately 500 km2, and its collapse was due to an exorbitant growth of light energy caused by shoddy research.

The island was located near the Mediterranean Sea and had no connection with the Caribbean, the Canaries or the Azores, and even less with the Bermuda Triangle.

Atlantis was a very advanced city, to the point of having built huge energy domes that isolated the city from the external climate changes.

Plato first talked of Atlantis in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written about 350 BC Since then, there have been lots of speculation, both to demonstrate their existence and to deny it. Aristotle, the disciple of Plato, thought that the story of Atlantis was a fiction invented by his teacher: "The man who dreamed it made it disappear." Other ancient authors such as Strabo, Pliny the Elder and Plutarch were not so sure, but did not dare to support his historical existence. Already in the Middle Ages questioned the opinion of Aristotle, which began the discussion that lasts until today.

Atlantis is one of the world's most ancient myths and tells the story of a flourishing civilization that lives on an island "beyond the Pillars of Hercules." Plato cited as a source for the historian Solon, who 200 years before in Egypt had heard about the destruction of an island "west." Plato made the myth of the island destroyed in a parable about a civilization that, blinded by their own power and splendor, it defies the gods, so it is destroyed in one day and one night, about 9,500 years BC, although neither even in this particular there is agreement between the authors, the date of destruction of Atlantis varies between 10,000 BC and 8,500 BC

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