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Medium: Jorge Olguin.
Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont.
Entity to talk: Master Jesus.

Jesus spoke here of his stories of his incarnation as the great Medium Jorge Olguin is the only one who can refer you to such accuracy and a high percentage of pipe:

He talked about selfless love, and also about the passion that can overcome the lack balance. Account several details about his life as Jesus, his feelings as a child, baptism and received the Christ energy, the increase in awareness, teachings, disciples ... Spread over passion, physical torture, doubt and sorrow to see homeless people as real knowledge, then as now.

Master Jesus: I'm here meeting with you, dear brothers. In truth I tell you all the knowledge is useful as long as you use in terms of love. I tell you truly that every service must be done in an entirely disinterested but is very important to clarify that the real lack is in pure love, in this impersonal love in this love that gives everything, a love that is lacking for simply do not need, a love that does not mean it is provided is one hundred percent.
On the other hand, dear brethren, it is important to understand that curiosity is a guarantee for the investigation and that it is not wrong in the physical plane investiguéis the benefit of your neighbor and, obviously, on your own.
I sense a lot of indifference in many beings who live their lives routinely, without the passion. Tell me, dear brothers, that the passion is part of the excitement as well Johnakan said my beloved disciple, the emotion is part of the ego. In the physical plane times to light a flame a spark is needed. In the flame of love, even though the love to which I refer, that is, pure sense-may be that spark emotion, but does not mean that the flame is then turned contain emotion. So, that passion is what overcomes the inertia of procrastination, of reluctance, the disinterest. The passion. Everything is done with balance is in order.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. Master, do not forget that this is a psicoauditación and it is important that we take the time to Jorge. If you think we would enter directly into the psicoauditación ...

Master Jesus: Right.

Horacio Velmont: We would go to the top of the engram of the crucifixion. You will see where it begins the incident and will travel. You know what the psicoauditación: I beg to say, that tells the details not only to eliminate the conceptual burden but also because it is a historical fact, are not they?

Master Jesus: From small-in this incarnation as Jesus was very knowledgeable but he was very cautious. I remember when I came across what you call "the doctors of the law." I showed my human side, first because I never tried to be arrogant, always, as you say, with low profile. It is true that I faced them, just think about my point of view. And they admired the fact that my age could talk about subjects as high.

Horacio Velmont: How old are we talking about?

Master Jesus: Eleven and twelve.

Horacio Velmont: Aha.

Master Jesus: I had many concerns and my biological mother, Mary, advised me a lot. She was a simple spirit with love, but with very fond, and his partner, Joseph loved a beautiful way knowing that I was not his biological child. I accepted and educated as much or more than their own children who had a previous marriage, obviously before becoming a widower, he knew he had a lot of 'pasta' in me to take advantage.

Horacio Velmont: That is telling you, Maestro, has charge or is a prologue?

Master Jesus: A prologue because I sensed it was destined for something more than having a carpenter. Joseph, in his loving availability, taught me the best he could his office. And I learned as well as he. With mother was different because we had talks about love. She was very strict say-no-strong in their faith and had great debates "that sometimes even fell short discussions. But I, being small, had no authority to discuss.
Put my point of view, explaining that the image I had of God was different. I often say, "Mother, God created us, but it is true that we have created in His image and likeness. We have created and are part of its manifestation. God is the purest love can exist, and does not judge us or punish us. That hell of which you speak do not accept it from your point of view.
Mother told me: "You're too young to understand.
-No. It is understandable since it was born, as one is acquiring vocabulary and develops her personality. It is not our only life.
- But are you talking about?
"There wheel of incarnations, mother. It's like something tell me. I have no very clear idea, mother, but it's as if my spirit was passing me one dies and is reborn ... Because we have sites.
Years passed. I will not tell now I've had experiences in other regions.

Horacio Velmont: It is essential to go to incidents that are charge, Maestro.

Master Jesus: "When I meet after some time, with my cousin John at the Jordan ...

Horacio Velmont: John the Baptist?

Master Jesus: ... river water pours over my head. At that time I feel a mental clarity, a beautiful force that invades my body and my arteries full of life ... My understanding is enlarged.

Horacio Velmont: An expansion of consciousness, we may call?

Master Jesus: Say it as it covers everything and that's when I channel the Christ energy. Christ energy that gives me the understanding that makes me feel apprehensive. There was a sort of fear of exposure. I felt more exposed to when I was eleven and twelve. He chatted with the "doctors of the law" but, in turn, was like a flame inside me that drove me to expound the Word. But I needed ears.

Horacio Velmont: How old are we talking about when the baptism?

Master Jesus: It was much larger. He was about thirty-one years.

Horacio Velmont: It would be close to the crucifixion. Forward, Master. Continue, please.

Master Jesus: I was looking for and talked to many people, explaining what was really the Kingdom of the Father's love. There were about thirty people who followed me but then some do not want to leave their work or family commitments, or who were entrenched in their homes, were staying. And finally were only twelve who followed me, they are the ones who know through the writings. Several women also have followed me, but because the society as separatist, they have drawn from these writings. Many women have worked towards the Father's Word through my throat. There was also a famous apostle, the thirteenth-seeking separate the waters ...

Horacio Velmont: Aha. I know.

Master Jesus: ... for your ego. But nothing would prevent me spread the word. And infighting had the same understanding expanded because, although we know that there is no divination, there is such an assumption.

Horacio Velmont: Speculation, we would say.

Master Jesus: Then you have the apprehension of the future-though not exact, and you know what you are exposed in a region as fundamentalist, where he had branded as religious outcast you if you miss a comma in the word. And on the other side were the Romans, whose only interest was to maintain order before any lifting because that would be punished were the bosses. Then, at the slightest disturbance in any survey or settlement imposed directly by the sword.

Horacio Velmont mean, it was a kingdom, we would say, scary, somehow. Do you live in fear?

Master Jesus: Not so much because he had lived quiet villages, where they obey the laws, pay taxes and so forth. And even had publicans who had accounts ...

Horacio Velmont: The danger was in those who strayed, we would say, from traditional, to say the least.

Master Jesus: So, yo.

Horacio Velmont: Exactly. Yes, Master. Before I continue, Professor, let me curious: what height were you?

Master Jesus: A six-foot-two.

Horacio Velmont: Ah! He was tall! All right.

Master Jesus: In a dark complexion, with brown hair and aquiline nose.

Horacio Velmont: When we mean dark black?

Master Jesus: No.

Horacio Velmont: Moreno. A tone between copper and ... No, copper Moreno would not be ...! Go! Moreno. All right. Forward, Master.

Master Jesus: Dear brother, went by the months and years and we were entrenched in terms of spreading the Word. I remember that what you call "The Last Supper" knew that Judas was much resentment because he had a physical ideal ...

Horacio Velmont: A material realm.

Master Jesus: He wanted to organize an uprising, to the point that many historians see me as a social organizer. I regret to tell-them-that my desire was to understand that there was a realm beyond the physical realm. If by that word many took it as a social organization, beyond them, but it was not my desire.
It is true that I had several discussions with Mary, my mother, because she had, not the expansion of my consciousness, but that mother's intuition that I was in danger. But it exposed me and I knew I had a time limit where, as you would say you now, this magazine was going to explode.

Horacio Velmont: Do not forget to go to the load, Maestro.

Master Jesus: Judas is removed and several of the apostles to call me saying, "He knows many people Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin. We've heard a murmur.
"I know, dear brothers.
"But, Lord, then why?
"Because everything that has to be, be. Because it is written.
Peter told me: "Nothing is written, Maestro, everything is done.
"Simon, I understand what you mean but my own understanding tells me that what I do is to transcend.
I feel pressure in my right arm and the small Juan tells me: "But Master, you taught us that the transcendent is the service and not sacrifice.
- Oh, baby! How many ear pulling you've given over the years? You're not a boy of fifteen years ... You're a boy of about eighteen, you are a man. If you understand that you also understand my point of view. Do not be so attached.
"I have no attachment, Ravi. I have love.
"Not enough, dear John, you have love for me only. Watch your brothers, the brothers look out, look at those who tend a hand to another. These are also your neighbor.
"I know it, Maestro, I know. I memorized the parable of the Samaritan: your neighbor is one who raises the fallen.
-Apply then, John. If you have love, that love should not have a direction.
I remember when we were in the garden of Gethsemane. It was late. John wanted to hold on to me. I snapped his hand on my arm. "Let me think," he said.
"I want to be with you.
"Let me think. Go to rest a while, as others are doing.
"But I do not sleep. I want to be here.
"I need rest. If I consider your Lord listen to me. Lie.
And I was just leaning against a large rock. I hear a few steps. I thought I was John, but it was Pedro.
"Master, I am convinced that at any moment Judas appears to the Sanhedrin. I want to grasp. I will lock and will want to do a trial. Could cross the Jordan and go to Damascus.
It is true, I thought. I know what the Romans do and know what is all this torture. But no!
I grabbed him by the lapels and shook it: - Go away Satan! Stay away! I looked shocked and walked away. But I told him. What I said to myself, my ego, struggling against my sanity, my ego ...

Horacio Velmont: wavered.

Master Jesus: ... made me think that Peter was right. I contacted my father, mentally.

Horacio Velmont: Abba?

Master Jesus: I went to the further expansion and in my mind was one concept. Abba felt and asked: What is your will?
And Abba replied: "Not my will is your will.
- What is my will?
"That's what you know.
I felt selfish just because they had the answer to Abba. Then I contacted my father-one who call-eon and I ask the same question: - What are the steps? What should I do? Really, I have fear because the physical suffering.
And he answers the same: "It's your will.
"But Father, I am part of you.
"It's your will.
"Okay. If you think it is my will, I accept. Then thy will, not mine.
"But son, that is wanting in some way to get away from your responsibility. That gives you understand how I'm ordering a sacrifice of you and you know that there is free will. It is your will to be done.
"I'm sweating, Father. I feel like wet clothes ... I think I hear footsteps and voices far away ... Is it my imagination? Father!
But myself and the role of ego prevented me from contact with the Father. And of course it was not his will was mine. It was: "Thy will, not mine, but the opposite:" It was my will and not my Father. "

Horacio Velmont: Sweat was blood?

Master Jesus: No.

Horacio Velmont: Is that a bug in the Bible, which speaks of bloody sweat?

Master Jesus: At that time was as hypertension, palpitations, tachycardia and may have affected some capillaries. And yes, the front was as small drops.

Velmont Horacio: Yes I understand.

Master Jesus: Sorry, back, pressure in my right arm and I hold the hand of John, who tells me: "Ravi, you have your head ...
"Yes, John. And we hugged.
"You, John, have much to walk. Do not do like others who deviate from my path. You have to continue the mission.
They were all awake. Judas finally came to the Sanhedrin. There was an attempt at resistance by Pedro, but I braked and went with them.
I said on another occasion that Peter did not deny me thrice. He denied me six times, but hey, it was a human being incarnate. And as the thetan of my beloved disciple, "The physical plane is a gravity well pulls you down," I understand, and as I understand not judge.
The trial was that nobody wanted to take responsibility or have to know me. Pontius Pilate sent me, I was back. Finally, in the balcony where the crowd chooses Barabbas-save that I knew, not for divination but internally-flagellation ...

Horacio Velmont: Tell it minutely, Maestro, to take out all the conceptual load.

Master Jesus: Inside my body was well fed and well cared for, he did not know diets. At meetings around the fire drank wine and ate lamb. Not that he was in favor of a diet but my body was strong.
The pain endured because it increased my mind to the Father. At times these lashes on the back, chest, arms, legs, where pieces of skin and flesh tearing metal-made me lose consciousness several times. And I woke up when I threw containers of ice water ...

Horacio Velmont: How long did the whipping?

Master Jesus: Hours.

Horacio Velmont: Ah! Was it hours?

Master Jesus: Hours. I can hardly recount.

Horacio Velmont: It is important to display it.

Master Jesus: I can only say that on his way to Golgotha ​​with the cross my mind was so high that almost did not feel physical pain. However, he had tremendous emotional pain for those roadside looked at me with scorn and contempt were the same as I had done time behind a trail of flowers.

Horacio Velmont: Did they spit?

Master Jesus: I had saliva all over my face and on my shoulder. Watching. That also brought me engrams of misunderstanding, even as much as physical pain: Why do not you understand? Who want to look good? Do you think the Romans are going to applaud you for throwing rocks at me? Why put those faces? They are faces! The Romans were not going to be interested in you!
All this I thought mentally as my eyes filled with tears ...

Horacio Velmont Master, I am going to ask a question: What was the purpose, from their point of view, everything that was happening, all this suffering? Have you had an idea it was so that his doctrine transcended it, really?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: What specifically was why?

Master Jesus: Through written in ancient times knew that there were many prophets, or whatever you call-transmitting different words, but that was not what I conveyed to my brothers. But just because they were not transcended ordinary lives ...

Horacio Velmont: Routine.

Master Jesus: Do not say routine. Lives were rich but once ...

Horacio Velmont: No transcended.

Master Jesus: ... disembodied lost.

Horacio Velmont: We lost. I understand. Forward, Master. A clarification, nothing more. Continue, please. They're salivating, as they spit, throw stones, make fun ...

Master Jesus: I'll nail. No matter if I miss. The nails in the wrists against what many think, I almost did not hurt. The nails on the feet ...

Horacio Velmont: A single nail in the foot?

Master Jesus: Yes, because I put them online.
Horacio Velmont: Did you have a support of wood down to the feet?

Master Jesus: Yes there was a support.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. "The cross, the cross was common? Let's say it all ...

Master Jesus: No. It was a tree which then rose and formed what you call a cross. Loaded at any time carry a cross.

Horacio Velmont: Let's see, the cross was well or so? I do not know if you perceive ...

Master Jesus was a cross ...

Horacio Velmont: Because there's a question ... Let's see ...

Master Jesus: A large piece of wood nailed to a horizontal beam ...

Horacio Velmont: So, as the B picture that I have here.

Master Jesus: Sure. But that did not have horizontal limb of continuity with the timbers of two others who were on either side. Timbers were independent or were real crossings.

Horacio Velmont: Three crosses.

Master Jesus: real crossings were independent. There was a long horizontal beam with three vertical poles.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. But this part I will here ... Does the tree sticking out like that?

Master Jesus: The tree stood out ...

Horacio Velmont: So. I say this because I do not know if ...

Master Jesus: I'll explain, dear brother.
Velmont Horacio: Yes, because there are many doubts about this ...

Master Jesus: The short tree was slightly less than half the long vertical horizontal wood. The vertical wood nailed over the front of the horizontal beam back-and-no is not true that he engages. Were not going to take work to insert ...

Horacio Velmont: Okay. But this stood out, we would say.

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: It was so flat, we would say.

Master Jesus: No. excelled.

Horacio Velmont: Of course. Teacher, from his foot to the floor, how there? A subway? "Two meters? "Three feet? Do you understand the question?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: Those are details that may not make the engram but ...

Master Jesus: Approximately one meter.

Horacio Velmont: Ah! Meter. So it was no more ...

Master Jesus: I was not as high. About one meter.

Horacio Velmont: I say this because there are pictures where you are too high.

Master Jesus: No. It was a stake of just over three meters. Reason: if higher, the tree would have to measure four meters and it was not so long.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. So you were completely naked?

Master Jesus: No. I had what I call a loincloth.

Horacio Velmont: A loincloth. All right.

Master Jesus: His crown of thorns.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. Perfect. Well, come, Master. Nailed ...

Master Jesus: Sorry to disappoint you, but not so much to tell.

Horacio Velmont: No, the important thing is ...

Master Jesus: The suffering, the lashes, skin, blood dripping ... My face was almost vermilion tone by blood from his forehead. Is repeating myself, because for hours was a similar punishment. What hurt me most was the big nail in the feet.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. In other words, does the tree on which the feet supported, practically, was not to be torn and not fall? Or was it some form of torture?

Master Jesus: It was to support me.

Horacio Velmont: Because the more you will last on the cross, more suffering would be.

Master Jesus: No. Once you put the nails in both wrists and big fat nail in the foot ...

Horacio Velmont: I mean, are three nails?

Master Jesus: Yes, I pulled the ropes, because first I had tied to his forearms and one foot rope.
Horacio Velmont: But you obviously made no attempt to escape.

Master Jesus: No. I had no physical or mental strength to do so.

Horacio Velmont: All right, Master. How long did it disembodied?

Master Jesus: Approximately three hours.

Horacio Velmont: Ah! Not an hour and a half as they say.

Master Jesus: Approximately three hours.

Horacio Velmont: Either way I have I understand that there are some that have lasted nine days ... or not?

Master Jesus: No. With such torture, no.

Horacio Velmont: So, is said to have lasted some four days. Or so it?

Master Jesus: Depends on torture and depends on the physical state.

Horacio Velmont: But, in general, what he lasted three hours because he had been flogging?

Master Jesus: And the loss of blood ...

Horacio Velmont: Okay. Now, Master, which was more torture? Is choking?

Master Jesus: Torture greater my whole body.

Horacio Velmont: Let's see, how much more suffering caused him?

Master Jesus: Foot, mainly.

Horacio Velmont: More even than the choking?
Master Jesus: Yes, the feet, mainly.

Horacio Velmont: More even than the choking?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: I am surprised because it seems that asphyxia is the most terrible.

Master Jesus: I felt as a weakening but was conscious.

Horacio Velmont: "He was lucid?

Master Jesus: Yes, within my understanding ...

Horacio Velmont: You spent three hours lucid?

Master Jesus: No. Nearly three hours lucid.

Horacio Velmont: Were you lucid?

Master Jesus: I was with my eyes closed because I was trying to surrender to the Father and could not the crowd, the shouts, laughter ... The laughter hurt, but not-as-you shall say a part hurt ego but because I did not understand his misunderstanding. And take it like that I speak from my heart: I am a son of Eon but in that time as transmitting the Word of God, I felt that if I left was going to leave orphans. And that I was wrong. Then I thought of my mother, who gave him little time but still ...

Horacio Velmont: Were you present there?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: Who were present, Master, with you? Was Peter?

Master Jesus: Was John. The only thing that was of my followers.
Horacio Velmont: Why?

Master Jesus: Because some were afraid to a. ..

Horacio Velmont: At the capture.

Master Jesus: ... that's imprisoned and others ...

Horacio Velmont: So, let's see ... Was Magdalene, was his mother Mary and John? "Three of the ...?

Master Jesus: And another Mary, who had welcomed me into his house and I had perfumed. She also was.

Horacio Velmont: Master, I have a question ...

Master Jesus: And I told John to take charge of my mother.

Horacio Velmont: You could talk and talk at that time in spite of suffering?

Master Jesus: With very little voice. That was the beginning, almost. And John nodded. Not for anything away from my three siblings but they had their commitments, and I felt like ... understand how John could look better in the few years remaining. And I know he did.

Horacio Velmont Master, did you ever left his body as well as a type of astral travel?

Master Jesus: No.

Horacio Velmont: At no time? That is, clinging to the suffering there was. Are the cramps?

Master Jesus: Terrific cramps. Muscles, which then became as rocks, "the tendons ... I wanted to move and could not. I wanted to fight and could not fight the pain, I mean, do not wriggle out of what was happening to me.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. The spear in his side. Do you already dead when the spear on the side?

Master Jesus: No. That was almost last.

Horacio Velmont: Do you feel it?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: Master, what is left conceptual pain from flogging and three times you hung on the cross? What pain is left?

Master Jesus: copy of your language, I have worked very hard at the conceptual level. And we've had conceptual discussions on the subject Johnakan. In other words, that there was such a burden ... The greatest burden was left helpless by my dear brothers, is like that lost his father in quotation marks.

Horacio Velmont mean, "despite the physical suffering, the greater suffering by neglect was" forced "to its people?

Master Jesus: Yes Absolutely. That is the engram greater, much greater than my suffering, which was much, and you know it.

Velmont Horacio: Yes This whole episode of the crucifixion is totally free of charge conceptual? Have you left something, Master? Because I look back ...

Master Jesus: No. I have no conceptual content.

Horacio Velmont: So, let's see ... What little we had, we would say, is released with this story?

Master Jesus: Yes, it's free. With the lack of protection that continues to this world and the lack of understanding is the true light that I can not understand why sometimes there are such closed minds do not understand that holding hands and transmitting power of love can all live better in peace, solidarity, mercy, giving to each other. It's so simple ... I do not understand the meanness, intolerance, misunderstanding, I mean, wanting to cover ... Your life on the physical plane is tiny, limited. There are no powers, no conquests, the conquest is with oneself. Truly I say to you is to conquer oneself. Brother, I wish to withdraw ...

Horacio Velmont Master, another second. A query anything else you want to do. Psicoauditaciones How many more have to do with you to free him from all charges be conceptual? Because then ...

Master Jesus: No need, dear brother. You really need to say no. This misunderstanding is not an engram, is a misunderstanding that all be well understood. This receptacle that holds me, which is 10% of my beloved Johnakan-also understand that a smile, a fresh dialogue and reach out power much more fruitful than the wilderness of indifference.

Horacio Velmont: All right, Master. Listen some more ... You die jiffy. That is, say, disembodied. Can you tell a few seconds you feel like 10%?

Master Jesus: I've never thought of myself as 10%, in the sense of attachment from one role to the physical plane.

Horacio Velmont: I was referring more to his descent into the Eighth Sphere.

Master Jesus: the deliberate.

Horacio Velmont: Before disembodied?

Master Jesus: No. The disembodied intentions.
Horacio Velmont: So, you disembodies. It feels complete, and 100% feel the spirit ...

Master Jesus: Yes, and as 100% spirit wanted, somehow, to understand the suffering of the beings of the Eighth Sphere, where each of them felt the pain of all the other conceptual.

Horacio Velmont: Okay, but you felt that need the 100%?

Master Jesus: As 100%.

Horacio Velmont: So, you never had descended to the Eighth Sphere?

Master Jesus: No.

Horacio Velmont: But the spirit can if you want to go down to the Eighth Sphere as well?

Master Jesus: The intent and humbly understand that the Father, that as our understanding can not skip the very laws He created, in some ways it's like they gave ...

Horacio Velmont: So, does your descent into the Eighth Sphere was an exception?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: A big exception?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: So, does my Thetan Radael can not, for example?

Master Jesus: No. If you at any given time has fallen has been to conduct ...
Horacio Velmont: Or ... Is there anything else you know that the Father has granted the descent into the Eighth Sphere?

Master Jesus: Yes, in another world, and in other circumstances.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. Is the decline was 100%?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: Now, did you know that there still could be withdrawn at any time, rise-not it?

Master Jesus: Yes.

Horacio Velmont: How long did you stay there in the Eighth Sphere?

Master Jesus: I did not measure the time because at that time wanted to transmit light. I wanted to capture the spiritual concept of one of them was suffering and explain only that perceiving others in their suffering could break free of that pain and soar ... But my opinion was not captured.

Horacio Velmont: Okay. Were you in the Eighth Sphere 100%, but he knew his body was not dead, or was he still alive?

Master Jesus: My body was clinically dead, as you understand what is clinically dead, otherwise it could not be 100% spirit. Understand that.

Horacio Velmont: Okay.

Master Jesus: the fact that technology is alien to what I have today this world was then resurrected as another story.

Horacio Velmont: It was like going back to incarnate again, we would say.

Master Jesus: Sure.

Horacio Velmont Teacher, before withdrawing would like to record while you story I saw many questions to ask, in case one of the consultants who hear the recording say many things I did not ask. But not just asked to not cut his story. I wanted to make that clear. I mean, what questions might make in another session?

Master Jesus: Right.

Horacio Velmont: Okay, Maestro, then.

Master Jesus: I give you my light, my dear brother.

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