2 de abril de 2011


Medium: Jorge R. Olguin
Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont
Entity to talk: Johnakan Ur-el (John Zebedee)
MEETING OF 1/20/04

Questioner: There are some authors who maintain that man never reached the Moon, and show pictures of the moon landing, which I have personally seen on the Internet, which plainly notes some strange things, such as shadows that should not be there if the man had truly come to the satellite.

Johnakan Ur-on: Of course, and expressly affirm that man did come to the moon, the astronauts themselves have seen aliens and their ships have actually seen.

Questioner: But why should these apparent errors in the photographs?

Johnakan Ur-on: In all places, even within NASA itself, there are those fans who are against the man explore space. What do you do then? Same thing that make entities of failure, lies mixed with truths transmitted so that lies are accepted more easily.

Questioner: I understand.

Johnakan Ur-on: If all the pictures were fake, either, so crude, he would realize the deception. But what would happen if you put, for example, ten photographs, two faked next eight true? One will automatically connect and say: Oh, here is an error, then all the pictures are fake and the man never went to the Moon! Do you understand the point?

Questioner: Yes, perfectly.

Johnakan Ur-on: Well, that's what they have done.

Interlocutor: What I do not understand is why anyone is concerned about doing something. And is it a joke?

Johnakan Ur-on: No, not going through a joke. What happens is that there are agencies that try to confuse, to void space travel. Fundamentalists belonging to branches of certain religions, including Catholic, who argue that space travel is the work of Satan and not God.

Questioner: But these people are acting out engrams which dictate that deviant behavior!

Johnakan Ur-on: That's right. Do not forget what I said, that religion, in short, is nothing more than an implant engramic.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin
Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont
Entity to talk: L. Ronald Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology
MEETING OF 11/15/2002

Interlocutor: Turning to our Moon, Gurdjieff spoke of was a planet in formation. I personally do not think so. There is also talk that there was a civilization in ancient times. How true is this?

Ron Hubbard: It is said that thousands of years the moon had an atmosphere that allowed small life, and at one point entered the war Selenite civilization of Atlantis and both were destroyed.

Questioner: Was it really?

Ron Hubbard: Absolutely, because the Atlantis became extinct for reasons other than a war with the assumptions Selenite.

Questioner: Atlantis became extinct by nuclear-testing that they got out of hand?

Ron Hubbard: No. The Atlanteans worked with sound and light installations failure caused an imbalance that destroyed the island.

Questioner: Is it a fallacy, then, the lunar civilization?

Ron Hubbard: Absolutely.

Interlocutor: What happened then to the moon?

Ron Hubbard: The Moon is a natural satellite of Earth and at one time was considered a double planet, because it is the only moon in the solar system of ours that has a very large size with respect to the planet. Note that the satellites of other planets are very tiny compared to Earth's satellite.

Questioner: So there never was a civilization on the moon?

Ron Hubbard: Civilization itself, no. There has been, and there are settlements and alien bases, usually on the other side of the moon.

Questioner: Of course. So what is it actually a satellite?

Ron Hubbard: A Land serves to regulate the tides, plants, etc.

Questioner: Without prejudice to the future can be a whole civilization there?

Ron Hubbard: Yes. Note that the Moon is as big as the ninth and tenth planet.

Questioner: I find it strange that the aliens did not develop a civilization there.

Ron Hubbard: But if there are bases on the moon aliens!

Questioner: Well, I'm actually referring to a civilization of some permanence, because the settlements are bases or rather the sense of transience. What remains of Gurdjieff's idea that the Moon would become like the Earth?

Ron Hubbard: There is nothing at all. The Moon is a stellar body too small to have atmosphere.

Interlocutor: What's more, Maestro, that may be of interest about the moon?

Ron Hubbard: No, the main thing is said.

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